American Journal of Civil Engineering

Volume 9, Issue 5, September 2021

  • Economic and Functional Feasibility of Concrete and Steel Composite Column Building Structure

    Umair Ahmed, Assad Rashid, Zafar Baig

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 5, September 2021
    Pages: 138-154
    Received: 19 August 2021
    Accepted: 3 September 2021
    Published: 16 September 2021
    Abstract: Modern day construction is widely influenced using Steel-Concrete composite columns. The rapid growth in Steel-Concrete composite construction has significantly reduced the use of conventional Reinforced Cement Concrete (R.C.C) as well as other steel construction practices. Steel-Concrete composite construction gained an extensive receiving around ... Show More
  • Runoff and Sediment Yield Modeling of Meki River Watershed Using SWAT Model in Rift Valley Lakes Basin, Ethiopia

    Aman Bunta, Brook Abate

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 5, September 2021
    Pages: 155-166
    Received: 21 September 2021
    Accepted: 12 October 2021
    Published: 28 October 2021
    Abstract: Loss of soil fertility in agricultural lands and sedimentation in lakes of central rift valley of Ethiopia are major watershed problem threatening the agro economy in the area. To develop effective erosion control plans through implementing appropriate soil conservation practices, runoff and sediment yield in Meki watershed was estimated and analyz... Show More
  • Application of SBAS Technique Combined with BP Neural Network in the Settlement of the Yinxi Industrial Park in Baiyin

    Hui Zhang, Xinghai Dang, Liqi Jia, Jianyun Zhao, Ming Lu

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 5, September 2021
    Pages: 167-172
    Received: 29 September 2021
    Accepted: 20 October 2021
    Published: 29 October 2021
    Abstract: In recent years, due to the obvious ground settlement and other phenomena of the Yinxi Industrial Park in Baiyin, it has brought many hidden dangers to the local development, it is of great practical significance to monitor the deformation of the area for a long time series. The ground deformation field of Yinxi Industrial Park from June 2018 to Ap... Show More
  • Effect of the Opening Area of Compartment on the Backdraft Time

    Jianlong Zhao, Yanfeng Li, Jinxiang Wu

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 5, September 2021
    Pages: 173-176
    Received: 6 September 2021
    Accepted: 25 October 2021
    Published: 5 November 2021
    Abstract: When a fire occurs in a ventilation confined compartment, the fire gradually weakened and finally self-extinguishes due to the oxygen concentration in the compartment will decrease and eventually below the flammable limit. Meanwhile, a large amount of high-temperature combustible substance is generated in the compartment during this period by pyrol... Show More