American Journal of Civil Engineering

Special Issue

Enhancing Seismic Resilience in Single-Layer Lattice Shell Structures: Challenges and Solutions

Submission deadline: Oct. 31, 2024
Status: Open for Submission
This special issue focuses on improving the seismic resilience of single-layer lattice shell structures by addressing the challenges of double imperfections (node and member imperfections) under seismic loading conditions. We invite researchers and experts to contribute findings, analyses, and design methodologies for the safe construction of these structures in earthquake-prone areas.
Seismic resilience is a paramount concern in regions prone to earthquakes. Single-layer lattice shell structures, known for their aesthetic appeal, present unique challenges due to their intricate geometric configurations. These challenges are exacerbated by double imperfections: node imperfections (geometric irregularities at structural element intersections) and member imperfections (deviations in structural elements). These imperfections can significantly impact structural behavior during seismic events.
We invite scholars, experts, and researchers to participate actively by submitting their research articles. This platform provides a unique opportunity to share findings and insights with a global audience. By contributing, you can:
(1) Share expertise and contribute to knowledge in seismic resilience and structural integrity in lattice shell structures.
(2) Connect with peers, professionals, and institutions, fostering collaboration and networking.
(3) Develop practical solutions with real-world applications to promote safety and sustainability in architecture and engineering.
In conclusion, this special issue has the potential to significantly impact the field, advance knowledge, and promote best practices. It will encourage collaboration and innovation in the design and engineering communities, ultimately contributing to safer and more resilient infrastructure in earthquake-prone regions. Researchers from various disciplines are invited to provide interdisciplinary perspectives on this topic, playing a crucial role in advancing knowledge in the field.

Aims and Scope:

  1. In-Depth Exploration: This special issue delves into the complexities of seismic resilience in single-layer lattice shell structures. We encourage original research investigating structural behavior, performance, and the challenges posed by these structures.
  2. Mitigation Strategies: We provide a platform for innovative solutions to address node and member imperfections under seismic conditions. Our goal is to promote practical, evidence-based insights.
  3. Design Guidelines: We welcome submissions related to design guidelines that enhance seismic safety. Articles should contribute to best practices for engineers and architects.
  4. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: We encourage research that promotes collaboration between structural engineers, architects, seismologists, and material scientists. Collaboration can lead to holistic solutions.
  5. Case Studies and Retrofitting: Scholars are encouraged to share valuable case studies on existing lattice shell structures, focusing on retrofitting strategies and intervention effectiveness.
  6. Expected Outcomes:

    1. Advanced Understanding of Seismic Behavior: This special issue will provide a deeper understanding of the seismic behavior of single-layer lattice shell structures, especially in the presence of double imperfections.
    2. Innovative Seismic Design Methodologies: It will introduce innovative seismic design methodologies, accounting for the complex geometry and imperfections.
    3. Improved Structural Performance: Insights into strategies to improve the structural performance and resilience of these architectural forms.
    4. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration among architects, engineers, seismologists, and material scientists.
    5. Design Guidelines and Standards: Practical design guidelines to guide professionals in the field.
    6. Retrofitting Strategies: Presenting retrofitting strategies for existing structures.
    7. Safer Infrastructure: Contributing to the development of safer infrastructure in seismic regions.
    8. Inspirational Research and Innovation: Inspiring further studies and innovation in seismic resilience.
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