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Special Issue

Slope Stability Analysis Considering Rainfall and Earthquake

Submission deadline: Oct. 30, 2022
Status: Submission Closed
Slope stability analysis is performed to assess the safe design of a human-made or natural slopes (e.g. embankments, road cuts, open-pit mining, excavations, landfills etc.). Successful design of the slope requires geological information and site characteristics, e.g. properties of soil/rock mass, slope geometry, groundwater conditions, alternation of materials by faulting, joint or discontinuity systems, movements and tension in joints, earthquake activity etc. The presence of water has a detrimental effect on slope stability. Water pressure acting in the pore spaces, fractures or other discontinuities in the materials that make up the pit slope will reduce the strength of those materials. Choice of correct analysis technique depends on both site conditions and the potential mode of failure, with careful consideration being given to the varying strengths, weaknesses and limitations inherent in each methodology. This special issue focusses on research papers which are written on soil and rock slopes by considering different material and environmental conditions, i.e. the effect of earthquake on the stability of slope and the effect of rainfall on the stability of as slope etc.
This special issue accepts research papers related to but not limited to slope stability analysis of slopes. Special consideration will be given to those papers in which rainfall and earthquake effects are considered. Different conditions, such as saturated, unsaturated, seismic, and non-seismic conditions are affecting the slope factor of safety. Papers that considered all such conditions to compute the effects on the slope factor of safety will be given special attention. Different soil types such as clay, clayey sand, sandy clay, etc. if considered in the papers will also be given special attention. Both soil and rock slopes can be considered for analysis. Editor to these papers will try to compile the selected papers to publish them in a book form (if possible).

List of Topics:

  1. Slope Stability Analysis
  2. Landsliding
  3. Case Studies Related to Landsliding
  4. Soil and Rock Slopes
  5. Seismic and Non-seismic Effects on Slopes
  6. Rainfall Effects on Slopes
  7. Saturated and Unsaturated Conditions
  8. Factor of Safety
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