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Measures to Improve the Maintenance of University Buildings in Nigeria

Sustainable measures for effectively maintaining buildings have become essential to sustainable building development with the growing influx of building portfolios worldwide. This is so, considering building maintenance problems have become a global menace. It has been ascertained that improving building maintenance operations for sustainable considerations will benefit university facilities in terms of profitability, user well-being, and increased lifespan. Although studies abound on the maintenance of university buildings in Nigeria, its barriers, and the factors affecting it, very few studies have touched on the solutions to maintenance problems and the measures to improve the maintenance management of these buildings. Therefore, this paper presents the findings from assessing the measures to improve the maintenance of buildings in six selected higher education institutions in the country. The study embraced a quantitative approach, and data were gathered from maintenance managers, supervisors, and technicians working in the Works Departments of the selected public institutions. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics such as percentile and factor analysis. Findings revealed that human, materials resources, and policy improvement measures, computerized approach to management, assessment, and feedback mechanism measures, less sabotage and quick response measures, and improved funding, design, and construction measures are the most viable measures to improve building maintenance in these universities.

Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Measures, Higher Education Institutions

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Ayokunle, L., Aigbavboa, C., Ntebo, N., Aghimien, D., Adesominu, O. (2024). Measures to Improve the Maintenance of University Buildings in Nigeria. American Journal of Civil Engineering, 12(1), 10-16.

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Ayokunle, L.; Aigbavboa, C.; Ntebo, N.; Aghimien, D.; Adesominu, O. Measures to Improve the Maintenance of University Buildings in Nigeria. Am. J. Civ. Eng. 2024, 12(1), 10-16. doi: 10.11648/j.ajce.20241201.12

AMA Style

Ayokunle L, Aigbavboa C, Ntebo N, Aghimien D, Adesominu O. Measures to Improve the Maintenance of University Buildings in Nigeria. Am J Civ Eng. 2024;12(1):10-16. doi: 10.11648/j.ajce.20241201.12

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